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AIX 2023 Lifestyle Glasses Landscape

aix rosé 2023

29 February 2024

Dedication and resilience inform the hallmarks of an exceptional AIX Rosé 2023

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harvest report 2023

harvest report 2023

23 October 2023

The year 2023 at Maison Saint Aix’s vineyard in Provence marks a dynamic journey influenced by the natural elements and our sustainable wine growing practices.

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AIX Rosé OFYR Red Mulet 1 overview

harvest aixperience recipe

10 October 2023

Elevate outdoor gatherings with AIX Rosé and OFYR, featuring a delightful 'Red Mullet' recipe from the 2023 Harvest AIXperience.

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The Vineyard Cycle Maison Saint Aix Intro overview

the vineyard cycle

5 October 2023

Are you curious to learn more about the world of winemaking and get a closer look at what an entire year in the vineyard entails?

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Overview thegrand aix oriole oysters

the grand aixperience

6 April 2023

Enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine with an AIXperience arrangement at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

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6 April 2023

When it comes to creating unforgettable outdoor gatherings with friends and family, AIX Rosé and OFYR make the perfect pair

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AIX Rosé 2022 Maison Saint Aix 2023 overview

aix rosé 2022

1 March 2023

Sustainable wine growing at Maison Saint Aix delivers a perfect pink for AIX Rosé 2022.

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Xmas box

12 days of aix-mas

12 December 2022

Gift, share and celebrate with AIX Rosé this festive season. To thank you all, we are going to count down to Christmas together with 12 days of ‘AIX-Mas’ giveaways.

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Borninfrance new

enjoyed worldwide

17 May 2022

Whether you’re planning a European Summer trip or enjoying another continent, have a look a this list and find out where to enjoy AIX Rosé around the world!

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AIX Rosé 2021 Launch Maison Saint Aix

aix rosé 2021

10 March 2022

2021 will be a year remembered as one of adversity, but also of celebration as we rose to the year’s challenges and harvested a classic AIX Rosé 2021 vintage.

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AIX Rosé Glas AIX Rosé Stainless steel tank

how is aix rosé made?

22 October 2021

Rosé is one of the most complex wines to make, it is all about delicacy. We will introduce you a bit into the secrets of producing AIX Rosé.

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AIX Rosé Harvest 2021 Winery Maison Saint Aix Provence 1

harvest report 2021

18 October 2021

On Tuesday 14 September the 2021 harvest officially started at Domaine de la Grande Séouve.

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