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AIX Rosé Andax AI Xperiences Rose Boat

andaz aixperiences

1 June 2021

This summer AIX Rosé has partnered with Andaz Amsterdam, one of the most creative five star luxury-lifestyle hotels in Amsterdam. Together we are bringing the sunny Provence to Amsterdam’s canals.

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AIX Rosé tasting notes AIX Rosé 2020 vintage

tasting notes 2020 vintage

29 April 2021

For the eyes: Bright, pale pink color.
For the nose: Fruity, fresh & fragant.
For the palate: A delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit.

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AIX Rosé vintage 2020 Saint Tropez

aix rosé 2020

4 March 2021

In 2020, an early but exceptionally beautiful harvest resulted in one of decade’s best vintages.

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AIX Rosé Owner Eric Kurver

meet the owner eric kurver

7 February 2021

Curious to learn more about AIX Rosé and the man behind the brand? ​Meet Eric Kurver in this exclusive interview!

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AIX Rosé Winery Maison Saint Aix

french wine regions

1 February 2021

France is one of the most renowned wine making regions in the world. Each wine has strict guidelines and standards it must meet in order to be classified as being from a particular region.

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AIX Rosé Wine books

read, relax & wine down

23 October 2020

A stormy autumn day in Europe or a beautiful spring day in Australia? Wherever you are in the world it is always a good time to read, relax and wine down. We have selected 5 wine books to keep you busy this autumn, winter, spring, or summer!

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three great barbecue recipes to enjoy on a beautiful summer day

barbecue recipes

4 August 2020

Barbecue season is on! We partnered up with the guys from OFYR and selected 3 delicious barbecue recipes which will pair perfectly with a glass AIX Rosé.

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AIX Rosé Snow

enjoy aix rosé in the mountains

12 February 2020

With the skiing season in full swing, AIX Rosé takes to the mountains to curate a list of eight Great Places at great altitudes. Whether you’re looking for a casual après-ski or a fine dinner to end a day on the slopes, these spots have got...

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AIX Rosé Pool Summer Rose Wine

enjoy aix rosé in Australia

11 November 2018

Summer’s on the way in Australia! That means only one thing: it’s time to map ten Great Places where you can enjoy AIX Rosé Down Under.

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