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introducing the aix rosé 2020 vintage

04 March 2021

In 2020, an early but exceptionally beautiful harvest resulted in one of decade’s best vintages.

AIX Rosé vintage 2020 Saint Tropez
AIX Rosé Owner Eric Kurver tasting

‘’We’ve never encountered a harvest as early as this one,” says Eric Kurver, winemaker at Maison Saint Aix. ‘’Harvest used to start at the end of September: this year we began on the third! The changing climate, along with this year’s growing conditions, lead to the grapes’ early maturation. They were fully ripe, with a good acidity and an excellent balance between fruitiness and freshness. In my experience, this is one of the best AIX vintages ever.’’

AIX Rosé Vineyard Maison Saint Aix Harvest

a look back at the year in the vineyard of maison saint aix

Aside from a few sharp cold snaps, winter was generally mild and dry across the estate. Rainfall in March and April adequately refilled the water tables, allowing the vines to pull through a hot, dry summer ensuring their continued growth. From the end of May onwards, the weather became significantly warmer and dryer, furthering the vine’s development. Flowering and fruit-set happened quickly, with good quality bunches of grapes. The bracing Mistral wind played its role in keeping the vineyard healthy. These conditions have helped accelerate grape growth by some 10 days compared to average. Our grapes displayed a perfectly balanced ripeness and had reached optimum quality at the time of harvesting.

AIX Rosé Grapes Grenach Shiraz Cinsault 3

harvest time at maison saint aix

September 3rd marked the start of our harvest: selected parcels of Grenache were picked first, followed by the gathering of Syrah and Cinsault. September offered exceptional weather conditions for the grapes: sunny afternoons and cool evenings. These excellent conditions gave us the chance to stretch our harvest over time and wait for well balanced grapes, thus resulting in fruit of the highest quality. Grapes were harvested during the coolest part of the day between 4am and 10am to ensure optimal freshness of the grapes, conservation of the aromas and to reduce the risk of oxidation.

AIX Rosé Wine bottles group 3 D

tasting note

A lovely pale, salmon pink colour with beautiful, shiny reflections. The nose is quite delicate, fruit-forward, clean and complex, with notes of fresh red fruits, peach and some subtle floral hints. AIX Rosé 2020 offers roundness on the palate and a beautiful aromatic depth, before finding freshness and some minerality in its long and precise finish.

AIX Rosé 2020 offers a solution for many desires. AIX is an intense and complex wine that has become the fine-dining rosé at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. At the same time, AIX is an accessible and generous wine that has won over hearts as the aperitif of choice at some of the most fascinating, festive and desirable venues worldwide.

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