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boutique saint aix

AIX Rosé loves to bring the laid-back elegance of the Provence to new places all around the world. Our online boutique offers a selection of elegant AIX Rosé gifts, including items that are only online available at Boutique Saint Aix.

Delivery to selected European countries, FREE delivery on orders over €100.

AIX Rosé Boutique Saint Aix
AIX Rosé Ice bucket small round 75cl

ice bucket small

19,95 €
AIX Rosé Ice bucket large oval 150 cl and 300cl

ice bucket large

34,95 €
AIX Rosé RIEDEL Gift Box with 2 glasses 01

riedel gift box

29,95 €
AIX Rosé Opener Coutale Sommelier


9,95 €
AIX Rosé Gift Box 150cl

magnum gift box

2,95 €
AIX Rosé Q De Bouteilles Glasses1


49,95 €
AIX Rosé Water Carafe

water carafe

9,95 €
AIX Rosé Luxury Apron

luxury apron

24,95 €
AIX Rosé Dropstop 6 L and 15 L

drop stop

2,95 €
AIX Rosé Tote Bag Paris

tote bag

12,95 €
AIX Rosé Luxury panama hat

panama hat

9,95 €
AIX Rosé Plaids Fleece blanket


18,95 €
AIX Rosé Petanque jeu de boule set Set of 3 boules

set of boules

75,00 €
AIX Rosé Moleskine Notebook


24,95 €