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aix rosé 2022

01 March 2023

The 2022 vintage paints a picture of the future Provencal climate and how our sustainability practices will define the future of wine growing in the region. 2022 was the driest year in France since records began 500 years ago. Thankfully our high elevation and sustainable wine-growing practices mitigated much of the impact.

Maison Saint Aix AIX Rosé 2022 Provence France
AIX Rosé 2022 Launch Maison Saint Aix Provence Vineyard

a look back at the year in the vineyard of maison saint aix

At the end of last season long before the vines wake from dormancy we received some healthy rain, topping up the underground aquifers and ensuring enough water for the arduous dry summer to come.

2022 started with a cold and dry January, which resulted in a later budburst than usual. Luckily, the shoots subsequently grew rapidly as spring was generally dry and warm. Flowering occurred in a perfect weather window with little wind, resulting in good fruit set. The summer was one of extreme dryness with only 100 mm of rain by mid-August. Thankfully late rains in August rejuvenated the vines and canopy, and the cooler nights maintained good acidity. Our vineyard management practices of increased organic matter and cover crops assisted in retaining moisture, whilst bio-stimulation using trace elements kept the vines healthy to ensure grapes reached peak maturity.

AIX Rosé 2022 Launch Maison Saint Aix Provence Harvest

harvest time at maison saint aix

The hot weather conditions throughout the year led to an earlier harvest than last year. The 2022 harvest officially started at Domaine de la Grande Séouve on the 5th of September. Selected parcels of Grenache were picked first followed by the gathering of Syrah and Cinsault. Fortunately, the weather conditions during the harvest were ideal with cooler nights, and the Mistral wind concentrating flavours and acidity, allowing for multiple picks and ensuring each variety and plot was picked at optimal ripeness. Harvest took 3 weeks to bring in all the grapes from our 75-hectare Domaine with vintage finishing on the 24th of September.

Thanks to the altitude of our Domaine, (Maison Saint Aix is one of the highest in the region) and intensive soil management practices, this year's grapes show good acidity and are well-balanced despite the dryness. Yields are slightly lower than in previous years however, the quality is once again outstanding. A testament to our sustainable growing philosophy.

AIX Rosé 2022 Launch Maison Saint Aix Provence Tasting note

tasting note

We knew the heat would affect both potential aroma and acidity, so these were our key focus points at both harvest and later in the cellar. Our harvest timing was essential in retaining freshness, and an extra gentle winemaking approach at every point ensured the classic bright red fruit characteristics AIX is renowned for.

A bright, joyous, pale pink colour in the glass. A swirl lifts the intense nose of fresh peach juice, raspberries, and white floral blossom to the fore. Fresh stone fruit, raspberries, and the classic cranberry tang lead the palate and balance the fine acid tension. The AIX Rosé 2022 finishes with a refreshingly long, dry, and balanced mineral line. A wine that exceeded our expectations and one we are intensely proud to share with our global wine family.

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