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a classic aix rosé 2021 vintage

10 March 2022

2021 will be a year remembered as one of adversity, but also of celebration as we rose to the year’s challenges and harvested a classic AIX Rosé 2021 vintage.

AIX Rosé 2021 launch 03 Maison Saint Aix Provence
AIX Rosé Harvest 2021 Winery Maison Saint Aix Provence 1

Extreme weather and fires impacted several vineyards in Provence but thankfully we were spared any direct impact, with the aspect and slopes of the vineyard fending off the worst of the spring frost. With the pandemic adding further obstacles into the winegrowing season the team’s hard work in the vineyard, followed by a minimal intervention winemaking philosophy in the cellar has cumulated in a classic vintage, shining of terroir and the year mother nature provided.

AIX Rosé 2021 launch 08 Maison Saint Aix Provence

a look back at the year in the vineyard of maison saint aix

2021 was a unique year for most winegrowers in Provence. There was frost in mid-April, which was very unusual, and thankfully not as serious as initially feared, followed by a hot and dry summer. With no rain in July and August, we welcomed the rain in early September which extended the growing season and ensured a perfect balance between sugar ripeness and fresh acidity, the perfect result for rosé production.

AIX Rosé 2021 launch 07 Maison Saint Aix Provence

harvest time at maison saint aix

After 2020's very early vintage, 2021 led to a later harvest ensuring perfect ripeness across all grape varieties. Cinsault really shone this year which added a little extra aromatic lift to the wine. Harvest officially started at Domaine de la Grande Séouve, home of AIX Rosé on Tuesday 14th September. Parcels of Grenache were picked first, followed by the gathering of Syrah and Cinsault in the early morning to ensure no oxidation before getting to the cellar. It took us almost four weeks to bring in all the grapes from our 75-hectare domain with the 2021 harvest ending on Saturday the 9th of October. The grapes were of very homogeneous ripeness this year, with sugars a touch down on 2020 yet optimally ripe with a slightly higher, bright acidity. This has lent the wine a classic elegant and fine-boned style that our higher elevation vineyards are characterised by in the very best of vintages.

AIX Rosé 2021 launch 06 Maison Saint Aix Provence

tasting note

A pure, pale salmon pink coloured wine with gentle onion skin hues that shine from the glass upon swirling. A fine, delicate nose with floral blossom, peach, fresh citrus, and hints of red fruit lead to a classic fresh and bright palate, a spritely acidity balanced with wild strawberry, raspberry, and stone fruit notes. The 2021 vintage has a lovely line and tension driven by a well-integrated acidity and crushed shell minerality, all leading to a surprisingly long and complex finish.

AIX Rosé 2021 launch 04 Maison Saint Aix Provence

A classical wine that balances the characteristics of the vintage along with the estate’s terroir and well-loved house style. The 2021 AIX Rosé is the perfect wine for any convivial occasion, be it early aperitifs, long lunches, or matched with the finest Michelin-Starred dishes. What sets the 2021 vintage apart is it comes at the perfect time to be shared with family, friends, and those we hold dear, a wine to bring people together and to celebrate life’s precious moments.

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