Ten great places to enjoy AIX Rosé in Australia this summer

Summer’s on the way in Australia! That means only one thing: it’s time to map ten Great Places where you can enjoy AIX Rosé Down Under.

Opera Bar, Sydney, NSW

Whether you’re here for a weekend brunch, a pre-concert dinner date or a night out with friends beneath the stars accompanied by incredible live music, the Sydney Opera Bar offers it all next to its stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and skyline. Curated by renowned chef Matt Moran and executive chef Laura Baratto, indulge into an all-day bar menu with a selection of fresh seafood, meat & cheese, pizzas and main meals. Whatever your liking is, you’ll find something to go with a chilled bottle of AIX Rosé in one of Sydney’s true hotspots.

Bert’s Bar & Brasserie, Newport, NSW

You just can’t help but feel a 1920’s vibe the moment you walk into Bert’s Bar & Brasserie. The rounded brasserie beautifully soaks up the natural light and overlooks Pittwater and the grounds of The Newport. Settle down for a light meal from the bar menu, or dine in the restaurant. Options range between an Oyster Bar, live lobster from the tank and whole fish to beef, poultry or pork accompanied with fresh and simply prepared vegetables. The extensive wine menu includes AIX Rosé so don’t worry about what to drink along with your order.

China Doll, Woolloomooloo, NSW

Find this award-winning restaurant at the historic Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo. China Doll delivers the ultimate Sydney dining experience to guests with premium and ethically sourced produce from China, Hong Kong, Japan and South East Asia. Expect a modern take on culinary traditions that come in generous portions and bold flavours. The dishes are perfect for sharing with family, friends or colleagues just like that large bottle of AIX Rosé you’re ordering.

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Hugos, Manly, NSW

Hugos burst onto the scene in 2009 and its founders, David, Daniel and Dave, instantly changed the food scene up in Manly. Since then, they've landed awards like 'Best Pizza in NSW', 'Best Venue in Australia' and even 'Best Bar in Australia'. The latter was a no-brainer for the judges since Hugos serves AIX Rosé as an appetizer or to accompany their lovely dishes. Because even after all those awards and more, Hugos still offers the same top notch food along the iconic Manly Wharf. Expect fresh and contemporary Italian dishes and some of the best seafood in the Sydney area.

Hyde Paradiso, Surfers Paradise, QLD

After opening in LA, Vegas and Miami, it was time for Hyde to open a lounge in Australia. With more events than one can follow, Hyde Paradiso is one of Surfers Paradise go to spots on any evening out. Whether you’re here for simple nibbles and dips, a full meal or a night full of drinks. Artful cocktails from world-renowned bartender Tim Philips include the  Sgroppino , their signature drink. Needless to say, a Great Place like this also serves AIX Rosé, the Provence’s signature drink, but then in Surfers Paradise down under.

Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen, Newstead, QLD

Head to Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen to bathe in a hipster 1970’s vibe with great food and drinks. Mrs Brown loves her spirits, and has a vast selection for you to try. Or simply order up some AIX Rosé in a glass or per bottle, served on ice at your table. Food includes snacks, mains, salads and pizza. Their pizza’s are prepared by Gianni’s Kitchen, located across the road. Order from their menu and you’ll see your slices of heaven come up from the other side of the road. A cool gimmick that gives a visit to Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen an extra touch, if the extensive offer from behind the bar wasn’t good enough.

Can't make it to these places but still longing for the best Provence rosé around?

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W Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

The five-star W Hotel finds itself in the heart of Brisbane and on the edge of the iconic Brisbane River. It boasts exceptional design as well as a free and easy Aussie attitude. Colour, colonial heritage, modernity, ethnic and influence of Australia’s indigenous roots, with a BrisVegas attitude and sense of humour. A total of three locations in the hotel will either quench your thirst or feed your soul. Three Blue Ducks serves up fresh, local and delicious meals. The Living Room Bar is anything from a quiet lounge by day to a lively Brisbane night scene at night. The crown jewel might be the WET Deck, a rooftop bar with stunning views of the river, an unforgettable interior and buckets of AIX Rosé to go along with it.

IPSOS Restaurant, Lorne, VIC

A Greek restaurant run by two brothers who grew up on the kitchen floor of the very same restaurant. Alex and Dominic created Ipsos at the premises where Kostas Taverna used to be, operated by their family as well. Expect an authentic Greek menu with a great mix between seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes, big or small. The wine list is stacked with both local and overseas wines, among which you can also find AIX Rosé. So find yourself a dish you like and pair it up with your favourite pink drink.

Longrain, Melbourne, VIC

Fusion just got a whole lot better. Imagine the best combination of Southeast Asian influences and the best Victorian produce. Longrain’s dishes are created for sharing, just like AIX Rosé’s plus sized bottles. So scoot up at one of the communal tables and enjoy the spirit of generosity. What’s more: Longrain recently won the Best Thai Restaurant award in the VIC/TAS Savour Australia restaurant & catering awards. Enough proof to show that Longrain is a real Great Place.

Stirling Hotel, Stirling, SA

Dubbed ‘the heart of hospitality in the Adelaide Hills’, Stirling Hotel easily fulfills the demands for being an AHA Award Winning Hotel. The Dining Room offers a tranquil and cosy environment with high ceilings, leafy features and warming open fires. An extensive wine collection of more than 450 bottles is waiting for you to make your pick from, by the bottle or by the glass. Go for something local or abroad, or straight up order a bottle of AIX Rosé on ice to share and enjoy in front of the open fire or outside on the sun drenched patio.

Can't make it to these places but still longing for the best Provence rosé around?

Find AIX Rosé near you