AIX Rosé Sunset Live Party, a memorable night at the Cannes Film Festival

From May 14th to May 25th, the world focuses on the Cannes Film Festival, the most glamorous event of the year. AIX Rosé partners with Nomade and Cartel for the best parties of the festival at the Five Seas Hotel for the second year in a row.

Just a few steps away from the Red Carpet, The Five Seas Hotel in Cannes is a place of tranquility during the day chosen for interviews and photoshoots with movie stars. When the sun sets, the rooftop hosts the trendiest dinners and official parties for films in competition. Guests can gather on the deck around the swimming pool and enjoy the sunset while listening to talented artists, indulging on great food and sipping a chilled glass of AIX Rosé. Vogue Magazine even claimed it is “the coolest place to party during the festival”.

AIX Rosé Sunset Live Party

Last Wednesday, it was our turn to host our chic and glamorous aperitif on the rooftop of the Five Seas Hotel. Guests included journalists, influencers, singers and of course people from the film industry. “It’s a truly fantastic party held by AIX and Nomade on this iconic location”, one of the guests mentioned. “The Five Seas Hotel rooftop is one of the greatest locations in Cannes and really comes to life during the Cannes Festival. And look at this view to go with my glass of AIX Rosé.”

"The Five Seas Hotel rooftop is one of the greatest locations in Cannes and really comes to life during the Cannes Festival."

All of them mingled under the early evening sun to enjoy food by chef Arnaud Tabarec, also known from his appearance in Hell’s Kitchen France. Tabarec followed AIX’s spirit of generosity by preparing little dishes made to share. Needless to say, the AIX Rosé served out of our iconic 15 liter bottle completed this culinary experience, not to say the entire party.

Idyllic sundowner vibes

At the Piano-bar room, a glass of AIX Rosé in hand was the perfect partner to admire the film-inspired vernissage by French artist Jean Michel Tixier. His artworks combine retro with a modernist and slightly adult touch.

Later on, young French talent Tiwayo, transformed the Côte d’Azur into the South of the US. Climbing the ladder of soul, he has recently toured with Marcus Miller, Norah Jones and Curtis Harding, so it was a pleasure to have him play for us. His musical showcase delivered idyllic vibes as the sun started to go down over Cannes, wrapping up another memorable festive night at the Five Seas Hotel.

Check out the pictures of the event here!